Asking me to describe the sound of 38 Acres is like asking someone to lie on their backs in the green grass and describe in detail the ever-changing formation of clouds as they pass overhead. Key word..."ever-changing".

If you're looking for The Fray, they're not it. If you're looking for Foo Fighters, they're not it, either. If you're looking for David Crowder Band, Coldplay, Tomlin, Sister Hazel (this list could go on and on)...nope. However, if you're looking for something that's a mix of all of these and then some, 38 Acres has your ticket.

"Their pulsing rhythms, chiming guitars, and heartfelt adoration pull us along on a pilgrimage following the river of life as it rushes over boulders and slows into the deep, still pools of contemplation."

So, the next time you find yourself lying on your back gazing up at the ever-changing formation of clouds in a clear blue sky, be reminded...38 Acres is sorta like that.

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